Astik services, aide ménagère à domicile, nettoyage, repassage, société agréée titres-services

- For the user, the value of a service voucher is set to €9 and is valid for of 8 months. The maximum purchase is 500 vouchers a year per person* (400 first vouchers at €9 and last 100 at €10) or 1000 vouchers per couple.

- At the end of the year, Sodexo sends you a tax certificate with the number of vouchers purchased during the year. After tax deduction, the actual cost is €6,3 per voucher in Flanders and €8,1 in Wallonia and Bruxelles.

- The worker receives a real wage paid by his employer, ASTIK SERVICES.

Service vouchers are available either in paper version, or in electronic version:

  • Paper service vouchers:

People have to register in the service voucher system and they receive confirmation of their registration. They can therefore buy the service vouchers that Sodexo will send after receipt of payment.

Once the customer has contacted ASTIK SERVICES, we will delegate a worker to their home.
For each hour worked, the customer will give the housekeeper the signed voucher.
The company receives all the service vouchers of its workers and returns them to Sodexo to get the refund.
Titres services Aides ménagères

  • Electronic service vouchers:

(Make your life easier by using the electronic version).Once the housekeeper has done their work, they use their mobile phone to call Sodexo.

The worker is identified and then specifies the working time and the type of service. The information is temporarily subject to your approval (up to 9 days).

After confirming the service by phone or internet, you just have to manage your online account to be sure you still have enough vouchers for the next time.

- Single parents, disabled people (and parents of disabled children) and people receiving an allowance for assistance to elderly, can purchase up to 2,000 service vouchers per year.

- Young self-employed mothers (, assistance to motherhood) can get 105 service vouchers. For more information, please contact your Social Insurance or your own insurance company.