Astik services, aide ménagère à domicile, nettoyage, repassage, société agréée titres-services

astik The service voucher system was introduced by the Federal State in 2004 to support people in hiring assistants from certified personal-service companies to help with daily activities. This system is exclusively reserved for a private use.

- On the one hand, the service vouchers system is subsidized by the Federal State and allow people to get a worker from a company licensed to carry out chores at home.

- On the other hand, service vouchers allow many workers to go back in an official way of working and to have a guaranteed monthly salary.

Service vouchers in summary:

  • A subsidized system
  • Home-care services
  • Many advantages
  • A cost of €9 which after tax deduction amounts to only €6,3 / hour
  • in Bruxelles (with a maximum of 1400€/an) and €8,1 / hour

    in Wallonia (for the 150 first voucher, from the 151st voucher, no tax reduction anymore).

  • A fixed wage for workers

Once we have received your request by telephone or by email through our Contact section Astik Services will contact you to schedule a meeting at your home to start our collaboration.